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I've got, what I think, is a working Camel route in Java and I'm trying to confirm that it is sending messages. I was hoping I could use Pidgin to confirm this. Camel is running within ServiceMix.

The Camel route looks very similar to this (from the apache site):

setBody(constant("I will win!\n Your Superman.")).

where superman and joker are respective usernames and '' is replaced with my local IP where I have OpenFire running. I had hoped a message window would pop up from Pidgin with the message text but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Is this an appropriate way to test my route or should I consider an alternative mean?

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I never worked with XMPP so might not be of a big help but first thing I would do is to enable tracing in Camel to see what exactly is happening. More often than not it could give you at least a clue why it doesn't work.

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Figured it out.

I noticed a plugin called "Monitoring Service" and installed it. I'm seeing messages passing between users now.

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