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I'm looking for a good configuration of rails + a webserver. Actually I'm using webrick which has some problems (on 2 different machines): First, it crashes after XXX time (and it's not my application, it happens randomly on a brand new app). Second, it doesn't handle multiple requests, and my app uses a lot of small ajax calls making the website testing really slow for being on a local server with so small pages.

I thought I could install Rails + Apache but reading around I think it's not possible. What's the fastest configuration (that supports multi threaded requests) as a webserver to use with Rails?

I'm using wamp to handle my apache webserver, php, mysql and so on (yea I'm not an expert, but I can handle with configuration files). I would like to use rails through that apache if possible, I read I should use however apache + mongrel (can I handle multiple requests in this way?).

I'm ok with other configurations too, I just need someone to point me in the right direction and possibly on a tutorial.

So requirements are:

  • Handle parallel requests (I have a lot of small requests)
  • Stable (webrick crashes quite often)

Thanks a lot

Edit 1:

For those who like me uses virtual hosts, here is what I wrote:

<VirtualHost *:8080>
    ServerAdmin admin@federtrek.org.localhost
    DocumentRoot "D:/wamp/www/manage_federtrek_org"
    ServerName federtrek.org.localhost
    ServerAlias manage.federtrek.org.localhost
    ErrorLog "logs/manage.federtrek.org-error.log"
    CustomLog "logs/manage.federtrek.org-access.log" common
    ProxyPass / http://manage.federtrek.org.localhost:3000/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://manage.federtrek.org.localhost:3000/

Where port 3000 is mongrel server and 8080 is apache port. Follow the pdf document linked in the answer to make it works.

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I don't get why the question should be closed, I'm asking for a software stable configuration which should be fast (webrick could be considered slow objectively). –  Fire-Dragon-DoL Apr 9 '12 at 21:40

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Webrick is not appropriate for a production environment; it should only be used for local development.

You're deploying Rails on Windows? Never heard of that being done before. If it were Linux or OS X and you insisted on using Apache, I would recommend Fusion Passenger (it's kind of like Ruby's mod_php). But I don't think they support windows.

I think your best bet is Mongrel...I think it runs under Windows. The idea is that you run one or more copies of your Rails app as Mongrel processes (services in Windows parlance?) You then setup Apache as a reverse-proxy to them, perhaps also doing some load balancing. While it's not actually multi-threading, it will have the same benefits. (In fact, most Rails deployments use this idea instead of true multi-threading.)

Should be lots of tutorials out there for this, on *nix at least. I think most of it will be the same for Windows. A quick Google search yielded this PDF specific to a Windows setup. http://www.napcsweb.com/howto/rails/deployment/RailsWithApacheAndMongrel.pdf

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Thanks a lot, the answer seems exhaustive (I can only run Linux on a virtual machine, so I prefer developing on windows directly). I'll try in the next days and let you know the result. –  Fire-Dragon-DoL Apr 9 '12 at 22:56
I'm testing the pdf. The proxy configuration is not correct as explained (I'm trying it and it's not correctly working) but I'll read the documentation and fix it. By the way I think this is the way to go on Windows. Thanks a lot. –  Fire-Dragon-DoL Apr 10 '12 at 13:13
Ok after a lot of hours to find out how to make it works with virtual hosts, I found the solution and I can mark your answer as the correct one (see the edit to understand what I did). –  Fire-Dragon-DoL Apr 11 '12 at 17:09

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