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I have imported a Blogger account into a Wordpress installation. But suddenly I saw that the table wp_posts grow up to 128 MiB, and I noticed that inside some posts there were embebbed images encoded in base64 like this

<img alt="" src="...." />

How can I export all these images outside the database, to the wp-content folder, and lighten the database?

Is there any kind of plugin doing that?

Some guidelines if not?

Thank you very much.

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There is a plugin named Blogger Importer. It should handle those images. If it doesn't, write your own importer. That's really simple. Then you have to base64_decode() the images and insert them into the upload directory with wp_insert_attachment().

We have some questions about this topic on WordPress Stack Exchange. Take a look at those and ask there for help if you get stuck.

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The problem with Blogger Importer is that breaks all tags, and makes imported posts a bunch of nonsense. I will try that. Thank you. – Guillermo Orellana Ruiz Apr 10 '12 at 17:59

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