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I have the same states and transitions defined for two type of work items (User Story and Task) and I would like when some work item is transitioned in that particular state that all child work items that have the same state and transitions are set with this state.

Example: User Story and Task have state Postponed, and for example I have User Story that have 3 child work items, when I change state of parent User Story to Postponed all child work items that have state Postponed are changed automatically to state Postponed

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This is certainly useful functionality but currently there's no support for it. You can use the TFS-API to invoke state changes. This post provides a related example.

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You can absolutely do this if you want to build a server-side extension. My suggestion would be to go the ISubscriber route by compiling a plug-in DLL and putting it in the plug-ins folder on each application tier server. We have some additional information about creating ISubscriber's in Chapter 25 of our book, Professional Team Foundation Server 2010 by Wrox.

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