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I am attempting to defined a customer serialization UserType that mimics, the XStreamUserType referenced and provided here:


My serializer outputs a bytearray that should presumably written to a Blob. I was going to do:

public class CustomSerUserType extends DirtyCheckableUserType {
    protected SerA ser=F.g(SerA.class);
    public Class<Object> returnedClass() {
        return Object.class;
    public int[] sqlTypes() {
        return new int[] {Types.BLOB};
    public Object nullSafeGet(ResultSet resultSet,String[] names,Object owner) 
        throws HibernateException,SQLException {
    public void nullSafeSet(PreparedStatement preparedStatement,Object value,int index) 
        throws HibernateException,SQLException {

Unfortunetly, the BlobType.nullSafeSet method requires the session. So how does one define a UserType that gets access to a servlet requests session?

EDIT: There is a discussion of the issue here and it doesn't appear there is a solution: Best way to implement a Hibernate UserType after deprecations?

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There is a discussion of this issue here and it doesn't appear there is a solution... stackoverflow.com/questions/6083768/… –  MetaChrome Apr 9 '12 at 23:25

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This is resolved in the 4.1 API in the UserType interface.


The method signature of UserType passes the SessionImplementor to nullSafeGet and set.

Bonus tip: Make sure to look at the current Javadocs.

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