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I am attempting to modify our app from using MKReverseGeocoder to CLGeocoder for devices running iOS 5, but I'm getting different results from the two classes. Specifically, when doing a reverse geocode with this coordinate:

(47.643126, -122.204037)

I get this from MKReverseGeocoder:

10210 NE Points Dr
Kirkland, Washington 98033

but I get this from CLGeocoder:

9601-10267 NE Points Dr
Kirkland, Washington 98033

The second value is much less specific than the first and therefore much less useful. The solution for now is to just use MKReverseGeocoder, but at some point we'll be forced to switch.

Q: Any idea how to improve the results from CLGeocoder?


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update their database. In short their data is less specific/accurate so there is nothing you can do apart from accept their less accurate data

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Yeah, I figured that. We'll have to deal with this at some point. Thanks for the response. – David Potter Apr 9 '12 at 23:59

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