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I'm making a game in Python (text only) but it gets confusing when people play it because there is no space between the paragraphs, so it looks like this:

'You step outside and feel the wind on your face.'
'Which direction do you turn?'

But I would like it to look like this:

'You step outside and feel the breeze on your face'

'What do you do next'?

Here's my code:

print 'You step outside and feel the cool breeze on your face.'
what = raw_input ('What do you do next ')


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Print a newline character.



print("An angry-looking dwarf throws an axe at you.\nYou die.\n")
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You have a few solutions:

The simpler one would be to use a print statement between your lines, which, used alone, prints a line feed.

Alternatively, you could you end the string you're printing with a '\n' character, which will cause a line feed, or you could start your input with the same character.

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