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So, I have to build this classification 'tree' of 6 levels using tags from the image domain and the video domain, so that I can classify better. The problem is I don't understand how as this is not really my area of knowledge.

We denote the tag collection and their correlations as N = {ni} and E = {ei,j |ni, nj ∈ N}, where

e(i,j) = e(i,j . e(i,j)/e(i,j)+ e(i,j)

is the harmonic-mean of the correlations between concept i and j , normalized such that (sigma)(e(i,j))=(sigma)(e(i,j)YT)=1

My question is how am I to calculate the correlation between two tags, all the correlation examples I have seen so far are for sets of data? Also how do I normalize such that the sum is equal to 1?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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You may find my answer to MATLAB Tree Construction useful. To find this correlation, you can create an array of length N (the number of images/videos in this file), where the kth value is 0 if that image does not have the tag and 1 if it does. The correlation between two arrays like this can be found with

corr(tag1, tag2);

To normalise - you will have an M-by-M (where M is the number of tags) matrix e. Normalise with:

normalised_e = e ./ sum(e(:));

where sum(e(:)) is giving you the sum of everything in e. You can check if a matrix is normalised because:

sum(e(:)) == 1
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That did help! Thank you. – Eddie Apr 10 '12 at 19:50

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