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When generating a controller, rails automatically put 'get controller/action' at top of routes.rb file for each of the resourceful action (such as index, new, create, edit. etc.). What's purpose of this 'get'? Since there is a 'resources' for the same model in routes.rb, can we get rid of this 'get'? Is the 'get' needed for 'put' custom action in routes.rb?

Thanks so much.

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You can safely remove that route.

The proper layout for basic resource routing in Rails 3.1 follows this format:

resources :users do # Provides GET /users, /users/new, /users/:id, /users/:id/edit, POST /users, PUT /users/:id, DELETE /users/:id
  # Additional routes which return collections (not CRUD)
  collection do
    get :search # /users/search

  # Additional routes which return single models (not CRUD)
  member do
    put :add_friend # /users/:id/add_friend

You can read the full Rails routing guide here:

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Did you mean 'get' can be removed for 7 default RESTful routes as well? It seems OK to delete it for resourceful custom routes. – user938363 Apr 10 '12 at 1:33
The default RESTful routes are automatically handled by the resources :users line. You can see them here: – Graham Swan Apr 10 '12 at 1:42

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