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I'm having trouble with my SQL SELECT statement. Basically I want to return all the records where the transaction date is between today's date and today's date minus 6 months.

What i have tried so far is:

SELECT * FROM loan_ledger
WHERE trandate <= DATEADD(month,-6,GETDATE())

but it doesn't get the exact result. The result was returning dates like 2009 or 2007, but what I want is, if the date today is April 9, 2012, the results must be transactions from this date (April 9, 2012) to April 9, 2012 minus 6 months (October 9,2011). Only.

What the heck is that the results are displaying transactions on the past and still displaying the 2009, 2001 records which I don't want!

Can someone help me?

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The other answer are close but if you are using BETWEEN you will want to add one to the date if you want to include today

select * from loan_ledger
where trandate BETWEEN dateadd(month,-6,getdate()) AND getdate()+1

When using between with getdate, it won't include today unless you at 1 to it.

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good catch sir, good catch –  peroija Apr 10 '12 at 2:07

Just change you where clause

select * from loan_ledger
where trandate >= dateadd(month,-6,getdate()) AND trandate <= getdate()


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all your where statement is saying is "grab information when the date is before 6mo ago" instead of "grab stuff from 6mo ago to today"

try something like

select * from loan_ledger
where trandate BETWEEN dateadd(month,-6,getdate()) AND getdate()
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thanks it works now! –  Dhenn Apr 10 '12 at 1:35

You're asking for rows where trandate is <= 6 months ago. Surely every trandate in 2007 fits that criteria.

If you want only trandates between today and 6 months ago, try

trandate between dateadd(month, -6, getdate()) and getdate()  
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