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As the title suggests, what's the difference between a "Component" (New –> MXML Component) and a "Module" (New –> MXML Module)?

Thanks, David

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Modules are compiled into SWFs and loaded at runtime with ModuleLoader, whereas MXML components are compiled into an application. From the Flex docs:

Modules are SWF files that can be loaded and unloaded by an application. They cannot be run independently of an application, but any number of applications can share the modules.

Modules let you split your application into several pieces, or modules. The main application, or shell, can dynamically load other modules that it requires, when it needs them. It does not have to load all modules when it starts, nor does it have to load any modules if the user does not interact with them. When the application no longer needs a module, it can unload the module to free up memory and resources. [...]

Modules are similar to Runtime Shared Libraries (RSLs) in that they separate code from an application into separately loaded SWF files. Modules are much more flexible than RSLs because modules can be loaded and unloaded at run time and compiled without the application.

Hope that helps!

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That does – thanks a lot! – David Wolever Jun 18 '09 at 14:14

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