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I need to get diffs of ArgoUML diagrams. Are there any tools that provide Diffing capabilities to do UML?

I constantly make updates to my UML in SVN but I do not have a way to compare different versions.

I have seen UML-like Diff Tool from IntelliJ exists. But are there any other tools that don't require me to use IntelliJ?

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Using EMF in Eclipse you can compare two UML diagrams.


So, you need to convert your ArgoUML to EMF standard by using the following framework.


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Maybe some of these version control tools for models can help. They are not UML-specific but as the EMF-Compare tool mentioned before, they work with generic EMF models.

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The EMF compare project does not work well. What you get is not really usable.

What I do in my project is to save my model and my diagrams on SVN. I then just look at svn to see modifications. You can not really see the dif insode a graph but it is usually easy to find out what has been modified because the model is composed by Name of the model > Packages > classifiers. The root can therefore be traced and the modified element find out quickly.

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