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I need a simple function that outputs a char* hostname, given a char* IPAddress. Any ideas or hints?

Also, is easiest way to get the IP address from a hostname is gethostbyname() and inet_ntoa() is that correct?


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All the information you need on this is in the excellent Beej's Guide to Network Programming. The page relevant to your question is here.

If after reading that, you are still having problems, post here with a question about a specific issue.

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I'll take a look at it. Thanks. –  user884685 Apr 10 '12 at 3:56

Use gethostbyaddr() or getnameinfo() to convert an IP into a hostname.

Use gethostbyname() or getaddrinfo() to convert a hostname into an IP.

gethostby...() only support IPv4. get...info() support multiple protocols including both IPv4 and IPv6, and are the preferred functions for new development.

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  1. To get the host name from an address, you normally use (big surprise here) gethostbyaddr().

  2. Yes, probably.

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