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I often run into this problem when I have a website located in /var/www/ that grows way too large, and decide to move, essentially all of it, to /var/www/main_files. Simply putting a symbolic link /var/www/index.html pointing to /var/www/main_files/index.html does not work. I believe the reason it does not work is because the index.html file is still be "executed" in the directory of the symbolic link (/var/www). Therefore, any files which need to be included/fetched, will no longer have the correct paths.

One could change the VHost directory to /var/www/main_files, but that is too permanent. I may still want to have a few files in /var/www. I could also go through and manually change any file paths in the actual html/php/js files, but that is not only too permanent, it is painstakingly slow.


Is there a way, short of using mod_rewrite (which, again, is too permanent), to instruct Apache to follow symbolic links (assume symlinks are all within docroot) and, when the user goes to, load the web page as if the user had gone to If not, then what other options should I consider?


I most often run into this problem when I want to debug a site, and I quickly download a free template (ie download this one). Most of these templates have all their files in the top folder, making it very messy to dump it all to /var/www, especially with more than one template. What I want is to make a subfolder for the template, but still be able to load it from, not explicitly from

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The instruction to follow symlinks is not part of the mod_rewrite, but is in the core of Apache

To enable the feature you must add FollowSymLinks to the Options directive:

  <Directory /usr/local/httpd/htdocs>
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

See directive.

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But will apache follow any symlinks? for example what if I set a symlink pointing to /home/foo/bar/index.html? (thanks btw) – puk Apr 10 '12 at 6:28
Are you sure this does what I want? I only ask because I have had the following all along Options -Indexes +FollowSymLinks – puk Apr 10 '12 at 6:31
If you just need to redirect a file within the documentroot, you can use mod_rewrite; if you want to use symbolic links, you need to enable them with Options. Probably you do not need symlinks, but just a rewrite rule, see… – lrosa Apr 10 '12 at 20:15
Either you don't understand what I need, or I am not properly interpreting your advice. What I want is to be able to take a website template, save it to /var/www/a/b/c/d/.../z/ then set a symbolic at /var/www/index.html to /var/www/a/b/c/d/.../z/index.html and have the website work without broken links or me having to go change all remote paths to global paths. – puk Apr 10 '12 at 20:55

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