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I need to set soft bounce for my qmail.It is only required for certain mail ids . My scenario is :

if I sent a mail from my qmail id mail@mydomain.com and if gets bounced,all bounce mails should go to other Mail ID bouncemail@mydomail.com

I have tried many syntax in .qmail files but it doesn't seems working . I would like to know how the .qmail control files for bouncehost are written .

Or , Is there any other way to handle soft mail bounce of each individual mail account ?

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Do you mean that if you send an email from mail@mydomain.com to some third party, say, nonexistent@otherdomain.com, then the otherdomain.com mail server should send bounces to bouncemail@mydomain.com?

This not controlled by bouncehost. bouncehost indicates the domain for bounce messages originating from your system. The address where normal bounces are received is indicated by the envelope sender address for your outgoing email. If you are using qmail-inject to send email, you set the QMAILSUSER and QMAILSHOST environment variables to indicate this:

export QMAILSUSER=bouncemail
export QMAILSHOST=mydomain.com
echo To: test@otherdomain.com|/var/qmail/bin/qmailinject

Most user agents don’t allow you to set the envelope sender address directly, but simply set it equal to the From address. You would normally only need to for special cases like mailing lists or sending email from inside a web app, in which case the app will set envelope sender. If that’s the case and you have control of that app, I would look through your SMTP or email library to find out how to set it.

If all outgoing email from mail@mydomain.com goes through your qmail installation, for example through SMTP, it’s possible to have qmail modify the envelope sender address to bouncemail@mydomain.com. You would probably need a custom QMAILQUEUE script.

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