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I´m working with MS SQL Server 2008, and I´d like make some stastistic every week / month for users who are connecting to this server (how many times the were connected, which table was most popular or when was the traffic most, etc...).
I cannot find anything about this weekly / monthly statistic for SQL users.

I´ll be glad if someone can help me. Thanks a lot.

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If you're looking for general table access statistics, the sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats view is a great place to start. For every table and index in the database that's been accessed, there will be a row in that view with stats on the number of times it was seeked, scanned, or used as a lookup, and when the last access time was. You could set up a sql agent job to run every few minutes, taking a snapshot of this entire view, and then graph the results over time to show the rate at which each table/index in the database changes.

I did a quite write-up on that view a while ago at, but it's pretty powerful - though the example I use helps identify indexes or tables that aren't being used, you could flip it around to show which ones are being used most often.

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you can create job for Monthy Period That Execute Bellow Command Exec Sp_UpdateStats

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