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I made application now i want to add license key to app. how to add license key for blackberry application? when application starts first time on a device - it should ask for the license key & after 30 days it should not open application... any body know how to do licenseing to app?

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@Fuji I found persistent store to store objects so that i will come to know when application starts first time on a device.but don't have any idea about licensing to app so if u have please tell me – iWatch Apr 10 '12 at 7:09

Do the following.

When your application starts it check persistent memory for a saved timestamp variable, if there is no timestamp present in persistent store, save the current date/time to persistent store as date/time of the first application use.

When your application is running it checks for time difference, between current date/time and saved "first run" date/time. If time difference is bigger than trial period, then ask for a license code.

Upon generating/checking license codes use device pin number to bind license code to a particular device. Implement a server script that gets device pin number and generates license code. This server script will be used to send license code to BB AppWorld when a user purchases your application.

User enters license code and application checks this license code using device pin number.

That's it.

If someone will download the application and will use license key for another device, then verification stage on the device won't pass. Another device pin number needs another license code.

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so, if i change the date on my device, i can use the app for life long ?. – Signare Apr 10 '12 at 8:01
Yes, but users who intend to change device time to do not pay for software and save couple bucks, are not the target audience for a commercial software. They won't pay anyway. Sure, you may implement additional protection mechanisms, like activation via network, etc. But these measures won't increase sales, just will produce additional problems for legit customers. – Rafael Osipov Apr 10 '12 at 9:10

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