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To get rid of flicker, I use wxBufferedPaintDC in place of wxPaintDC. But there comes a problem. In my paint function, in order to draw a cubic beizer curve I must use GetGraphicsContext to create a path. My question is why GetGraphicsContext returns a NULL pointer when using wxBufferedPaintDC.

void DotGraphView::OnPaint(wxPaintEvent & WXUNUSED(evt))
    wxBufferedPaintDC dc(this);



    wxGCDC &gdc = (wxGCDC&)dc;
    wxGraphicsContext * gc = gdc.GetGraphicsContext(); /* here gc = NULL */
    wxGraphicsPath path = gc->CreatePath(); /* program collapses here */

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The cast that you have from wxBufferedPaintDC to wxGCDC looks a little suspicious to me, the wxGraphicsContext pages suggests doing it like this:

wxGraphicsContext *gc = wxGraphicsContext::Create( dc );
if (gc)
    //drawing code here
    delete gc;
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I read the page, but it does not work. –  allenchen Apr 11 '12 at 8:27

I feel suspicious too, the suggestion page does not work. Now I use the following codes and the program run ok.

wxBufferedPaintDC pdc(this);

wxGCDC gdc;
wxGraphicsRenderer * const renderer = wxGraphicsRenderer::GetDefaultRenderer();
wxGraphicsContext * context = renderer->CreateContext(pdc);

wxDC & dc = (wxDC &)gdc;


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You should use wxAutoBufferedPaintDC. There is no need to buffer on some platform (like GTK).

Then, you can use the constructor

wxGCDC gcdc(dc);

This works at least on GTK and MSW.

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