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hai i need to find the integer values from the image using image processing i go through some image processing alogorith like edge dectection but did not get a solution can any one show some example of dectecting the integer values from a image ?

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Well for image recognition and stuff like that in general we use Neural Networks. Implementing a basic neural network is not hard, but there are countless implementations out there in the wild (native C/C++ and Java as well).

How ever I would strongly recommend to use the OpenCV library which is somehow complex but would allow you to do far more advance things.

Note: there is a port for Android and you can find it here: OpenCV 4 Android

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hey i got a edge dection but i have a proble it shows only preview i need to take the snap of that image how? –  Ramz Apr 10 '12 at 8:48

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