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Is it in any way possible to dynamically get the line number of an error when the JavaScript files are minified?

At the moment all errors are logged as being occurred on line 0.

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One reason that you would want to debug a minified script is if you were using the closure compiler to optimize it and the optimization process caused a bug. For browsers that supply the column (Chrome,IE) in the stack trace you can do something like:

/*@const*/ //for closure-compiler
DEBUG=2 // 0=off, 1=msg:file:line:column, 2=msg:stack-trace

/*@const @constructor*/
    try{_ფ_()}catch(e){return e.stack.split(":")}

/*@const @constructor*/
    var s=__stack__,l=s.length
    return (isNaN(s[l-2]))?s[l-2]:s[l-3]

/*@const @constructor*/
    var s=__stack__,l=s.length
    return (isNaN(s[l-2]))?s[l-1]:s[l-2]

/*@const @constructor*/
    var s=__stack__,l=s.length
    return (isNaN(s[l-2]))?"NA":s[l-1]

/*@const @constructor*/
    get:function(){return out},
        else out=msg+" in file:"+__file__+" @ Line:"+__line__+", Column:"+__col__
}//end if(DEBUG)

Usage: LOG="my message" to write "my message" along with the line number and file to the console or to get the last log alert(LOG)

You can get more into the weeds with v8 (chrome, node.js)

/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__stack',{get:function(){var o=Error['prepareStackTrace'],e=new Error,s;Error['prepareStackTrace']=function(_,s){return s},Error['captureStackTrace'](e,arguments['callee']),s=e['stack'],Error['prepareStackTrace']=o;return s}})

/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__col__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['getColumnNumber']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__eval_orig__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['getEvalOrigin']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__file__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['getFileName']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__func__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['getFunctionName']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__function__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['getFunction']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__is_constructor__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['isConstructor']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__is_eval__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['isEval']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__is_native__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['isNative']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__is_top_level__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['isTopLevel']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__line__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['getLineNumber']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__method__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['getMethodName']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__this__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['getThis']()}})
/*@const @constructor*/ Object.defineProperty(this,'__type__',{get:function(){return __stack[1]['getTypeName']()}})
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You can beautify minified code. In the chrome inspector, it is the {} button and is called "pretty print".

However, beautifying this code doesn't mean it will respect your original code.

Thus, I'll say what ThiefMaster said: don't use minified code during development/debugging.

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No. That's why you shouldn't use minified code during development/debugging.

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And heh, it would be nice if firebug & co had an option to automatically beautify minified code and mapping error locations etc. to the correct lines in that beautified code. – ThiefMaster Apr 10 '12 at 7:46
I wouldn't assume this is during development. I have exactly the same question as the asker here. My code works just fine until it gets minified. – Greg Perham Nov 28 '12 at 2:17

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