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I have the following:

a='abaacacbaa'    'abaaabaaaa'    'dcdcbbcccc'    'acaaaaabba'

v=[1x10 double]    [1x10 double]    [1x10 double]    [1x10 double]
v{1}=0.0064    0.4009   -0.0125   -0.0913    0.5707    0.0442    0.5210    0.3174   -0.2201    0.0570

letter={1x1 cell}    {1x1 cell}    {1x1 cell}    {1x1 cell}

Here i=4 and j=10

I want to find for each i the mean of entries in v whos corresponding entries in a is equal to letter{i}.

using as @Bill Cheatham mentioned Finding mean of selected entries only

the equation:

   mean(v(a == 'a')) 

so I tried:

  for k=1: 4
   for j=1: 10 
     M= mean(v{k}(char(a{k}(j))==char(letter{k})));

also tried to use

   a(:) and

So the result should be : Ms= [mean of row 1} {mean of row 2} {mean of row 3} {mean of row 4}

put the brackets to make seperation here obvious


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It sounds like you should just leave off the j loop and then just char(a{k}) == char(letter{k})... –  Dan Apr 10 '12 at 8:19
thanks @Dan you saved my life –  pac Apr 10 '12 at 8:28
I'm glad it worked –  Dan Apr 10 '12 at 8:30

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As suggested by Dan, leaving off the j loop solved the problem

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