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I'm running a powershell file which are going to gather information an save it to an XML-file. This script will run on several computers, and so I want to save them all to a rootpath. The question is, how do I save an XML-file to root on a computer?

To specify: The script will always run on a local computer, hence I need to save the xml file to a local path..

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Basicly the path to save on a root is:


This is the path to save in the c:\ root folder of a remote machine. You need local administrator credentials of the server.

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If I understood correctly.. If you have access to the root drive of the computers in question... this will save each xml file, named after its computer name, in the C drive of each computer.

"comp1","comp2","comp3" | Foreach-Object {
   $xml = ....
   $xml | Out-File -Path "\\$_\c$\$_.xml"
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