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I bind data in my datagridview in a following way: in my program I have a global object Obmiary, which I pass to my form.

private ClassObmiary obmiary;
private BindingSource bs;
private BindingList<ClassObmiar> bList;

public FormObmiar(ClassObmiary Obmiary)
    obmiary = Obmiary;

    bs = new BindingSource();
    bList = new BindingList<ClassObmiar>(obmiary.Obmiary);

    // Fill bList with ClassObmiar

    bs.DataSource = bList;
    dgvObmiar.DataSource = bs;

The problem is when I change my global object somewhere else in the code, this dgv does not show changes. How to properly update this datagridview?

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try bs.ResetBindings(true);



wherever you need to update the data.

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