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Suppose I deploy an Azure role supplying a service package and a service configuration. Then I change the configuration one or more times without redeploying the role.

Is it possible to get the initial configuration?

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The RoleEnvironment API only reflects the current values. You could handle the RoleEnvironment.Changing event and keep track of the configuration changes from there.

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You can change the service configuration in a number of ways:

  • Using the management portal

    1. Click on the deployment (it must in Ready state!)
    2. Click on "Configure" - edit the configuration. enter image description here
  • Using the Manamgement REST API's Change Deployment Configuration method.

If you go for second option, you can either create your own classes or use, for example this NuGet package.

However I don't think (I'm not aware of a method) you can get the initial service configuration once it has been changed.

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