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Thanks for previous replies,

i am doing mobile application with user log-in, i am maintaining separate database to handle the user log-in details. i want to integrate the facebook and twitter user log-in into my application.(ie) if user having facebook or twitter id, if they use that id to access my application it should be accessible.for example in our stack overflow log in we having different log-in category(facebook,Google). Can anyone guide me how to do this in our own application. I very much eager to learn this kind of knowledge, if i made anything wrong pls let me know.

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you need to integrate facebook integratingstuff.com/2010/10/14/… and android10.org/index.php/articleslibraries/… –  vipin Apr 10 '12 at 9:43

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Here's a nice tutorial for integrating Twitter in iOS


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Look at this QuickBlox User base integration code sample.

This sample demonstrates how to integrate user base into you iOS application. It supports Facebook and Twitter log-in as well. There is great guide how integrate all these features into your own application.

I think there will be no problem to integrate it into your application. Otherwise - Comments system below allows to ask any question you want and get fast answer.

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