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I needed to add external jar files to a EAR Project. I did add but the jar files are not reflecting in the lib directory, it is showing below to lib directory. I added these jar files on right clicking on Deployment Descriptor, Import-> Java EE Utility Jar and choosing to copy from the folder. When I dragged the jar file on the lib directory the velocity jar file gets changed to .ear file in the eclipse project explorer.

I have attached a snapshot of the project explorer. Could you please let me know how to add external jar files to ear project as my EJB requires external jars to be included.

Image of the project explorer

I have even added classpath for jar files in my EJB manifest file Class-Path: ErpServices-ejb.jar velocity-1.6.4.jar velocity-1.6.4-dep.jar xwork-core- Looking forward to your reply. thanks.

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Just try project root folder right click properties -> build path -> add external jars

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Add those jars under folder EarContent/lib directly , then all is done.

I.E., EarContent/lib/foo.jar will work but EarContent/lib/dir/foo.jar won't.

A similar question : here

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Instead of drag-and-drop, add it to the lib folder manually (outside the IDE), refresh the IDE, right-click the EAR project and in modules and dependencies, make sure that it is included in the lib folder and as a dependency.

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