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I wonder why when I run my code as below, the variable y will change from 2*2 to 4*1?

function testforleader()   
    %tspan=[0 10];
    %y0=[[10 10];[3 3]];
    y = zeros(2)
    [t,y] = ode45('leadermove',[0 10],[10 10;3 3]);

function ydotr=leadermove(t,y)
    ydotr = [y(2,:);[sin(t) cos(t)]];

The message in the command windows will show like this:

y =

 0     0
 0     0

y =


and then the function ode45 seems only receive the one column vector of variable y?

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Your call to ode45 does not have y on the rhs:

[t,y]=ode45('leadermove',[0 10],[10 10;3 3]);

but on the lhs. If it exists before the call it will be overwritten by the call. Perhaps you ought to rename the variable on the lhs to something like yout ?

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Your leadermove function doesn't work for me, so I can't test this. I think the third argument to ode45 should be a vector, so maybe changing it to:

[t,y]=ode45('leadermove',[0 10],[10 10 3 3]);

will fix it. Also, as Mark says,

y = zeros(2);

doesn't do anything because ode45 will overwrite it when it returns an output. You might be able to fix this with:

y = zeros(2);
[t,y(:)]=ode45('leadermove',[0 10],[10 10 3 3]);

but I don't know if that would work, and I suspect that the way you are calling ode45 now is giving you the wrong answer anyway.

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Well, I should not post the code y=zeros(2); it didn't affect the code process below. Actually, the initial value of y is [10 10;3 3]. But as it showed above, it will turn into a one column vector [10;3;10;3], before the error message showed. – Neomatrix Apr 10 '12 at 10:12

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