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I have a problem with how to get vendor id and product id of an android-powered device. is there any commands of adb could do this?

I can get vender id and product id while device inserted,but after installing windows drivers,I could not tell apart the real vendor id if I insert two devices at on time.So I need to find out the vender id via adb or any other connections between the hardware device and the android device.


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If you are running Ubuntu/Linux Just Key in

"lsusb -v " 

and press enter. It will bring out details of all USB devices. Check for a field called "idVendor" in the results and find your device. Eg: My Motorola Defy[vendor id = 22b8] gives,

" idVendor 0x22b8 Motorola PCS"

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Hope this link help you

-s serialNumber is the adb command that give you a specific emulator/device instance, referred to by its adb-assigned serial number (such as "emulator-5556").I think this is the adb command that you are looking for.

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thanks for your answer,I know serialNumber,and it should be encoded partly with pid and vid,but I don't know how.I want the ID for windows not for Android. –  user1323681 Apr 10 '12 at 14:37

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