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I would like to traverse all Amazon SimpleDB's items in the domain, faster, so which query should I use among these two -

1. select * from domain where itemName() is not null order by itemName() limit 2500.
2. select * from domain.

2nd query will return only 100 items as Amazon returns default 100 items in his response and 1st query can return up-to 2500 items although it depends on response size, i am assuming 2500, because I have specified limit 2500. As I do not know the name of any attribute before traversing and also Amazon SimpleDB provides flexibility to add new attributes that only applies to certain rows therefore I am running my first query using itemName().

I have observed that my first query is sometime taking too much time to finish and come out from do-while loop. I know - "IS NOT NULL" is not appropriate and that may be causing the performance issue and painful but is any other option to get as-much-as in each response.

Please help me in knowing how can I increase speed of traversing all items in Amazon SimpleDB domain?

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You have got answer on Amazon SimpleDB forum - forums.aws.amazon.com/forum.jspa?forumID=38 –  Ashish Pancholi Apr 11 '12 at 4:42

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