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I am going to write an Authentication module using the Zend Framework 2. To help me with this process, I found this tutorial in the web. However, when I run this module, it shows this message:

Class Zend\Authentication\Adapter\AdapterChain does not exist

What is the meaning of this message?

Additionally, do you know of a Zend Framework 2 Authentication tutorial I could use for assisstance as I write my own?

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Look at ZFC-Common's ZfcAcl.

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hi and thank you for Answer. but zfcacl is very hard and large for me. i am a beginner in zend framework . –  mohsen Apr 10 '12 at 12:32

you can create your own customized plugin in zf2 something like this Acl implimentation in ZF2

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The EdpUser as mentioned above has been consumed by ZfcUser. That works will with ZF2 as Evan Dot Pro is a core contributor to ZF2. In relation to managing Acl's, ZfcAcl is currently not working with ZF2 RC1. It's a little behind the time now.

They have a RFC open to make updates but that looks like it's a little way down the line. I'd possibly recommend using BjyAuthorize. Zf-Commons are considering taking this over as well.

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Try Authentication + Acl using EventManager. It looks like easier than ZfcAcl.

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I was also using this tutorial month ago is to old and not working with beta5
You can try to play with
https://github.com/EvanDotPro/EdpUser it nicely writen and have cool things as view helpers for login form and auth status

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