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How to add/replace some picture at the ▼ sign of dijit.form.ComboBox or dijit.form.FilteringSelect

and the picture can switch when mouse move in and move out.

And how to change popup's bg-color of the ComboBox.

Like this web site

(I need to copy like the original from that site. But this site use a custom widget then I don't know how to get the source.)

If anyone know how to customize like that please teach me. Thanks.

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Changing the look and feel of Dojo widgets is done using themes.

You can see the themes that ship by default at (NOTE: This page is based on a nightly build, so soemtimes it is broken)

Themes are applied using CSS.
I'd create your own css style sheet. Add the theme name to the body node.

<body class="tundra myTheme">

The particular css you are looking for is

.myTheme .dijitComboBox .dijitDownArrowButton {} /* The grey box */
.myTheme .dijitComboBox .dijitDownArrowButton .dijitArrowButtonInner { /* The arrow */
   background: url(images/spriteArrows.png) no-repeat scroll 0 center;

/* Hover */
.myTheme .dijitComboBox .dijitDownArrowButtonHover {} /* The grey box */
.myTheme .dijitComboBox .dijitDownArrowButtonHover .dijitArrowButtonInner {} /* The arrow  */

/* Active (mouse down) */
.myTheme .dijitComboBox .dijitDownArrowButtonActive {} /* The grey box */
.myTheme .dijitComboBox .dijitDownArrowButtonActive .dijitArrowButtonInner {} /* The arrow */

Using the developer tools with your browser will help you determine the css classes that you are looking to override.

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Thanks @Craig Swing, but I forgot to ask about how to switch the image when mouse move in and move out. – OammieR Apr 11 '12 at 2:01
And +1 to you for the new knowledge. – OammieR Apr 11 '12 at 4:16
I updated the css to show the hover and active styles for a ComboBox. The Dojo controls all use the same technique with hover and active. There are other 'states' and you see more in the base mixin - dijit._CssStateMixin. – Craig Swing Apr 11 '12 at 14:20

I had looking at the code by closely then I found it's doesn't use dijit.form.ComboBox or dijit.form.FilteringSelect.

He used at normal HTML <div> <input> <a>


I have finished.

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