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When working on a webapp in Eclipse and Tomcat (wtp) , tomcat crashes and create a file: hs_err_pid20216.log

I tried to use eclipse MAT to analyse the file but MAT doesn't recognize the file as something it can handle, I tried also DAT and it was the same thing. It won't show in the open file dialog.

What kind of file it is? What should I use to analyze it? Do I have to make changes to this file sothat it will be possible for these tools to parse it.

The log file file is available as a GitHub gist



See @Dan Cruz reply for more information on how to deal with hs_err_pidXYZ.log file. For curious, the cause of the crash was Jackson being confused by a cyclic relationship (bidirectional one-to-many) but this is another story...

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What kind of file it is?

It's a HotSpot error log file in text format.

What should I use to analyze it?

Start by downloading the OpenJDK 6 source bundle. Search through the hotspot *.cpp files for strings in the error log. Review the source files for an explanation of what the error log contains.

For example, using OpenJDK 7 sources, you can find siginfo (the operating system process signal information) in the os::print_siginfo() method of os_linux.cpp, Registers (the CPU registers' values) in the os::print_context() method of os_linux_x86.cpp, etc.

Do I have to make changes to this file sothat it will be possible for these tools to parse it.

That would be impossible since the Eclipse Memory Analyzer requires a heap file, which the HotSpot error log is not.

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Thanks. Lot of things I didn't know. Exactly the kind of response I was looking for. Happy "accepted answer" :) –  redsonic Apr 10 '12 at 17:40
@redsonic No problem. Happy hunting. –  Dan Cruz Apr 10 '12 at 18:14

It's a text file. Open it in an editor and try to understand what it means.

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Thanks, I'm currently doing that.. –  redsonic Apr 10 '12 at 10:47

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