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I need to provide a dynamic popup menu for all views. I can create a dynamic popup menu contributibution, but I must set the URI and register it for certain view. Now I'm trying to register the menu dynamically, when the user selects another view:

public class GlobalSelectionListener implements ISelectionListener {
    HashSet<IWorkbenchPart> extended = new HashSet<IWorkbenchPart>();

    public void selectionChanged(IWorkbenchPart part, ISelection selection) {
        if (!extended.contains(part)) {
            IWorkbenchPartSite wps = part.getSite();
            if (wps == null)
            //creates popup menu for this part
            MenuManager mgr = new MenuManager();
            mgr.add(new DynamicMenu()); //DynamicMenu extends ContributionItem
            wps.registerContextMenu("identifier." + mgr.hashCode(), mgr, wps.getSelectionProvider());
            System.out.println(part + " menu extended");

But this does not work. No one menu item appears in popup menu. I don't know, whether is it ever possible to do it this way. Is there any method to add popup menu for arbitrary view dynamically? It seems, that the registerContextMenu() method does something else.

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The problem was not solved, nevertheless there is a workaround. It is possible to register the pop-up menu in plugin.xml file for all views and editors needed. Usualy the number of plugin usecases is limited. If you're writting a plugin, you know what you need the plugin for. Use the Spy plug-in (ALT+SHIFT+F1) to see the active menu contribution identifiers and register your contribution to the pop-up menu of all views and editors you need.

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