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Using iOS5. I dragged a UIButton object to inside a custom static cell. Since I am not using dynamic properties I am not using the data source template. The thing is that I am unable to trigger any event when pressing that UIButton inside the cell. I am running the folioing code in my table view controller:

- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];

    NSIndexPath *myIP = [NSIndexPath indexPathForRow:1 inSection:1];
    UITableViewCell *cell = [medicareTableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:myIP];
    UIButton *stepNumberOfChildren = (UIButton *)[cell viewWithTag:222];

    [stepNumberOfChildren addTarget:self action:@selector(dontTouchMe:) forControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchUpInside]; 

- (void)dontTouchMe:(id)sender {
    NSLog(@"Touched Button %i",((UIButton *)sender).tag);

Run the app, press the UIButton and it does not log anything... What am I doing wrong?

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try to change 1 to 0 in this line [NSIndexPath indexPathForRow:1 inSection:1]; –  Adil Soomro Apr 10 '12 at 10:50
In viewDidLoad you might not get tableviewcell using cellForRowAtIndexPath –  DivineDesert Apr 10 '12 at 10:57

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Connect your outlet to dontTouchMe function (TouchUpInside)

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Thanks! My outlet was not hooked up. For some reason the NSLog is not kicked off but the button event is really pushed as I could invoke other calls. –  Pupillam Apr 10 '12 at 11:06
Please click on answer accepted. It will be appreciated. –  Satish Apr 10 '12 at 11:34

I hope you want to add the target only to the cell at row=1 and section=1

So code as follows,

- (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath
   //add the button target
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