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I have the paypal express checkout button in my shopping cart page and checkout page. I want to remove the paypal express checkout radio button, only from the payment information step of one page checkout.

I have tried removing the below code from the xml file located in


    <reference name=\"checkout.cart.top_methods\">
        <block type=\"paypal/express_shortcut\" name=\"checkout.cart.methods.paypal_express\" template=\"paypal/express/shortcut.phtml\"/>

    <reference name=\"checkout.cart.methods\">
        <block type=\"paypal/express_shortcut\" name=\"checkout.cart.methods.paypal_express\" template=\"paypal/express/shortcut.phtml\"/>

But it doesn't work. any idea how to do this exactly ?

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You are editing checkout_cart_index - meaning you are removing the button from the cart. You could do this with css and a bit of modification of template/checkout/onepage/payment/methods.phtml: Change



<dt class="<?php echo $_code; ?>"> 

for example and



<dd class="<?php echo $_code; ?>">

Now you yan add this to your stylesheet:

.sp-methods .paypal_express { display:none; }
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Could you refresh the magento cache and check again.

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I had tried it many times but no change. –  Anz Apr 11 '12 at 11:36

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