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i use org.json library to work with JSON-data in my apps. But it seems that google app engine doesn't allow to use it, what's the best way to work with JSON on GAE-apps?

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I hope this helps

you can also the google-json api here

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I had the similar question a week ago and after comparing a number of Java JSON libraries (including JSonLIB and GSON) I have chosen Jackson. Check other comparisons on StackOverflow, most of them would recommend Jackson out of the rest.

After two weeks using it on Google Appengine, I just love it. Not only it has more features than the other mentioned libraries, it is also much faster (see benchmarks here). It is a Json engine in Jersey which I would recommend as well if you want to do anything Restful on Appengine.

It is stable and still actively developed, with version 2 has just been released couple of weeks ago.

UPDATE: here is a sample demo for using Jackson with GAE.

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People considering using Jackson with AppEngine should also take a look at github.com/icoloma/jackson4gae to serialize AppEngine classes. (Fair warning: I'm the developer, but it still is a common need for GAE+Jackson projects) –  Nacho Coloma May 22 '13 at 8:33

Use fast JSON is a very productive API. Jackson take too much code.



Just copy the library into WEB-INF/lib folder and use the static methods of com.alibaba.fastjson.JSON like JSON.toJSONString(object)

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