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I have table A and B with many to one associations (b contains fk_a). Let's assume the sample tables are as follows:


id first 
1  sample
2  sample


id fk_a  type value
1  1      som  thing
2  1      oth  other
3  2      som  thing
4  2      oth  any

I would like the "first" column in table A to be unique, and I would like to achieve it by having to:

desired A:

id first 
1  sample-thing-other
2  sample-thing-any

Is it possible to use pure MYSQL to use UPDATE and CONCAT on table A to obtain desired update?

It would be easy if I had everything in one table, I could just write

SET first = CONCAT(first, value)

but unfortunately I have many-to-one association and I am not sure if it is even possible in such case.

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What is the actual use case? The id field on A means that you shouldn't need to make the other values unique in order for them to be useful. That's the point of using relational tables. – Matt Gibson Apr 10 '12 at 10:55
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I do not have the instance of mysql, and not test it. use the group_concat

UPDATE A, (SELECT fk_a, GROUP_CONCAT(value SEPARATOR '-') as concat_value FROM B GROUP BY fk_a) AS t

SET A.first = CONCAT(A.first, '-', t.concat_value) 

WHERE = t.fk_a;
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I wll test it but even if there is a typo I guess this is exactly what I need – mkk Apr 10 '12 at 11:22

Group_Concat is your friend.

But may I remind you of first normal form?

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