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I am doing a site to view in mobile ,i need a popup/dialogue box to display the contents inorder to avoid page redirection.I have used the code

<a href="<?=site_url('cart/terms_conditions/'.$cart['Product_ID'])?>"  data-rel="dialog" style="color:#27d9fb; font-size:100%;">Terms & Conditions</a>

The dialogue box appeared and it looks good my problem is how can i close the dialogue box .i need to stay in home page when user close the terms& condition page.I have used jquery, javascript


but it won't works. if any body knows it please help.

Ant help will be appeciated

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Can you not just use: $('.ui-dialog').dialog('close')?

eg. add a 'close' button to your terms & conditions page and then trigger .dialog('close') when the button is clicked.

<button id="close-button">Close</button>

$('#close-button').click(function() {


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Thank you for your help i have used data-rel="back" link attibute and it work thanks alot. –  Soumya Mohanan Apr 10 '12 at 11:15

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