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I am using a send method of the facebook ui,it consists of a description parameter where i am composing a particular message.I need to show one particular text to be in black,bold,normal font.

The code is like, $('#send').click(function () {

                                    method: 'apprequests',
                                    message: "FaceBook Friends"


            function Api(responses) 
                var eventName = document.getElementById("eventName").value;

                 var Message ="You have been invited for an event <html><body><font color=\"black\">" + eventName +  "</           font></body></html> " ;     //to give black font to eventName
                //var varMessage ='You have been invited for an event  <html><body><font color="black"><b>' +eventName+ '</b></font></body></html>' ;   

                    method: 'send',
                    name: document.getElementById("eventName").value,
                    link : '', 
                        description: Message


Now it is taking the html tags also as text.Is it possible to display so? Your ideas are welcome.

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