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I have to create a web site that allows:

  1. Intranet users (on domain DOMAIN_1) access directly without any login form
  2. other users access after form authentication.

The problem is that the Web server (IIS 7.5) belongs to a DOMAIN_2 which is different from DOMAIN_1 and they can't see each other. My idea was to identify the intranet user by his IP address and the user name (got with Request.ServerVariables["LOGON_USER"] ), but the problem is that:

  1. if I enable Windows auth in IIS I will be prompted by the browser to insert my credential, but I cant' insert DOMAIN_1 credential.. only credential for DOMAIN_2's users.
  2. if I enable Anonymus auth in IIS, I can't get the current LOGON_USER.

Another idea that I've got was to create a DOMAIN_1 site and perform and redirect the login token to the DOMAIN_2 site but I don't think that it's possible because the login token belongs only to a domain...

I need help!

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Isn't this flawed by design? How can you authenticate a windows logon if you can't reach the Active Directory where the user infos resides? BTW, try WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent() And see what result it retrieves. This depends so much on the way the intranet is configured, and the AD infos are propagated, that my only aswer might be: Ask your sysadmin. –  vaitrafra Apr 10 '12 at 15:41
in due parole, Mauro, se è vero che i due domini non si vedono è 'na vaccata di chi ti ha commissionato il lavoro. Se i due Domain Controller (DC1 e DC2)non si vedono, come puoi accedere come utente DC2 su DC1? –  vaitrafra Apr 10 '12 at 15:55
I know that it is flawed by design (and I've already said that to whom asked me to do the work), but I was wandering if there was a possible solution/workaround for that anyway. –  Mauro.Franchi Apr 10 '12 at 16:09

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