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Basically I am trying to create a little program that will allow me to make calls in matlab from a jave GUI

It's mainly going to be used for image manipulation and deblurring but I am struggling to find a way that will effectively give me full matlab control from the java end

I am hoping to have it work like so:

    //create matlab execution call
    String loadImage = " image1 = imread ('imageOnComputer.jpg'); ";

    //send instruction to matlab and save the path to it so java can 
    //use the newly created variable
    resultingVariablePath = java.sendInstructionToMatlab(loadImage);

    //display on the screen

Basically I am just trying to find out if there is a plugin for matlab (or some java package) that will grant you (pretty much) full control over matlab.

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This can be accomplished easily by using matlabcontrol. For your case the best method to call would be MatlabProxy's returningEval.

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Here is a post that talks of it

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Would make a great comment (if some context were added to the link). –  Andrew Thompson Apr 10 '12 at 12:00

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