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I list products on my homepage and on a company details page. I use the exact same HTML, but for some reason the product appears different:

The productname is "Artikel 1".

Here the product is displayed correctly: http://www.zorgbeurs.nl/ Notice how the green price area is right below the product.

But here: http://www.zorgbeurs.nl/bedrijven/76/mymedical the green price area is all the way at the bottom of the page.


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The li element is not getting the class assigned because of there is no ul element containing it. So the absolute position of the price element is positioned relative to other element (css positioning).

To get the same final class take into account that styles are inherited from all the parents. Try to enclose the li element between <ul class="product_item"> and </ul>.

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Boy, guess I just looked TOO much at it and failed to see it anymore. Thanks! –  Flo Apr 12 '12 at 19:11
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You are missing the tag in the mymedical page.

<ul class="product_item">
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In the first link, your li element has position:relative set, which makes the absolute positioning of the product block work relative to the li. The li in the second link does not have relative positioning set, so the absolute positioning rule works relative to the document instead.

As Hamurabi says, this is because the ul is missing, and so the rule .product_item li no longer applies.

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