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How can I return 1 if the SQL below returns NULL?

Something like (pseudo code):

if sql return NULL value 
then set value to one 
otherwise returning sql result value. 

Is there any SQL for defining default value to 1 if SQL result is NULL?

SELECT  Max(iCategoryOrder)+1 
FROM    [IVRFlowManager].[dbo].[tblCategory] 
WHERE   iCategoryLevel = 1
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Use ISNULL operator like:

ISNULL(your_field, 1)

Try following:

Select ISNULL(Max(iCategoryOrder), 0) + 1  
from [IVRFlowManager].[dbo].[tblCategory]  
where iCategoryLevel = 1 
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thanks for quick response, This is what exactly what I want, Thanks again –  Shrestha Sunil Apr 10 '12 at 11:42
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Option 1



Replaces NULL with the specified replacement value.

SELECT    MAX(ISNULL(iCategoryOrder, 0))+1 
FROM      [IVRFlowManager].[dbo].[tblCategory] 
WHERE     iCategoryLevel = 1

Option 2


SELECT    MAX(COALESCE(iCategoryOrder, 0))+1 
FROM      [IVRFlowManager].[dbo].[tblCategory] 
WHERE     iCategoryLevel = 1


Returns the first nonnull expression among its arguments.

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+1 for mentioning COALESCE(), which is in my opinion the better choice, because it's standard SQL –  fancyPants Apr 10 '12 at 12:55

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