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I've been installing several Node.js modules/apps lately to be able to start a new web project. I use NPM for installing the modules, but every time I face the same problem: The modules are not accessible globally.

Not in one installation manual have I read anything about the need of changing/adding to the .bash_profile, but I have through some tutorials found out this is needed.

I have managed to get some modules working this way but not everyone, and I really could use some help here. The last one installed that I have problems with is Expresso. What shall I type in .bash_profile to be able to access it globally?

The executable Expresso file is in the following folder: /Users/toby/node/imapp/imagebridge/node_modules/expresso/bin/expresso

The following doesn't work: export PATH="/Users/toby/node/imapp/imagebridge/node_modules/expresso/bin/expresso/:$PATH"

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Have you restarted your shell? The way you have ought to work. – Sionide21 Apr 10 '12 at 11:49
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remove espresso from your path, eg

export PATH="/Users/toby/node/imapp/imagebridge/node_modules/expresso/bin/:$PATH"

since espresso is most likely the executable. The path is a list of directories to search for executables, not a list of executables.

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Great, that solved my problem. Thanks! – holyredbeard Apr 10 '12 at 11:57

Also this one is good addition for bundled modules:

export PATH="./node_modules/.bin:$PATH"

It allows you to run binaries from current working dir's node_modules subdir

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