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I have a canvas tube1Ctx and a div with id sineWave, The canvas is rotated on mouse drag using pure javascript, Now i need to rotate the div at the same time with respect to the canvas(same angular displacement). When i have tried with below code the transform style not gets updated while drag rotate the canvas. Could anybody please help me to solve. Thanks in advance

function tubeRotate(e){

if (moveFlag2){

tube1XPos = e.clientX - tube1Canvas.offsetLeft;
tube1YPos = e.clientY - tube1Canvas.offsetTop;  

rotate = tube1XPos-((e.clientX-tube1Canvas.offsetLeft));    
rotate = (Math.atan(240/rotate))* Math.PI / 180;
tube1Ctx.translate(275, 10);
tube1Ctx.translate(-275,-10 );  
tube1Ctx.drawImage(tube1Img,240 , 10 , 46 , 235 );

    var angle=rotate;

document.getElementById("sineWave").style.MozTransformOrigin='0% 0%';
document.getElementById("sineWave").style.MozTransform =  'rotate('+angle+'rad)';

document.getElementById("sineWave").style.webkitTransformOrigin='0% 0%';
document.getElementById("sineWave").style.webkitTransform = 'rotate('+angle+'rad)';


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Missing quote

document.getElementById("sineWave).style.MozTransformOrigin='0% 0%';

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sorry, it was a mistake while i am copying the code to here, Its there in my working copy. – Prasanth K C Apr 11 '12 at 3:58

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