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we have a script using find command like the following (delete old files except some special directory)

find /data/foo -mtime 30 -and -not -samefile /data/foo -and -not -samefile /data/foo/specialdir -delete

Now, the same script is used at multiple machines and some of those don't have that /data/foo/specialdir available. This results with error "find: /data/foo/specialdir: No such file or directory".

We can create that directory there but is there some other way to get "-not -samefile xyz" (or something similar) working if xyz doesn't exist?

br, Touko

EDIT: Had forgotten -delete at the end of the command at the original question

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You could make it in to a two-liner:

test -d /data/foo/specialdir || test_specialdir='-and -not -samefile /data/foo/specialdir'
find /data/foo -mtime 30 -and -not -samefile /data/foo "$test_specialdir"
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