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I'm finally getting my head around using the Mapper design pattern to structure an object oriented system I'm building in PHP.

I have classes like User, and Project, each with corresponding MySQL tables (and Mapper classes eg ProjectMapper, UserMapper)

What I want to know, is how to approach link tables while using this pattern. I have another class Invitation which invites a User to work on a Project. (It's just a standard link table, with a project_id and a user_id).

Say I want to get a Collection of all the users assigned to a particular project, firstly, where should this function go? ProjectMapper class, InvitationMapper class?

And secondly. how can I make this neat and sensible?

Thanks in advance.

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Just take a look at this very interesting article - it helped me a lot when I was working on my own model, which should be efficient and easy to use:

The author explains how to build a reliable model in Zend Framework, but you can use his ideas also in other frameworks or just building your own model without any framework.

I recommend you also (if you are working with Zend) to skip the testing parts - the topic itself is very complex and the testing can be done, when you are done with your model.

Building my own model, I modified a few things, so if you will have further questions - you know - don't hesitate to ask them ;)

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That's a pretty hefty article! I'm not using any framework but I'll definitely hunt for some transferable ideas in there. Thanks. – Alex Apr 10 '12 at 15:12
It took me few days to understand and implement this model, so I can only encourage you not to give up after few hours ;) When you are done with this aricle you will surely have few concrete questions - I'll be glad to answer them (if I will know the answer, of course) – Okizb Apr 10 '12 at 15:19

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