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I have a dedicated server with a fair few sites running. I have a file I'd like to share from one site to all of the others using a php include. I know URL includes are turned off for good reason so is there any secure way to share the file?

i.e. site1 has the file at http://www.site.com/shared_file/share.php

I want to be able to access it from Sites 2,3,4,5 etc using

<?php include ("/home/site/public_html/shared_file/share.php");?>

Any ideas? At the moment I get a permission denied error. The server is running WHM and CPanel (latest versions).

Thanks Brett

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usually stuff like this is handled through include path.

  1. Create special place for you files e.g. /libs/php/
  2. Put your files in there
  3. Add include path in your php script set_include_path(get_include_path(). PATH_SEPARATOR . '/libs/php/');
  4. Simply to require_once or include_once or include with relative path to that location

For example if your file is located in /libs/php/shared/share.php you need to use require_onceshared/share.php`

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If you have direct access to the server shell, how about using symlinks?

ln -s source dest

(assuming it's a Linux server).

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