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public class PersonOverviewController {

    //Various stuff here

    public void init() {
        //FacesUtils is only a helper class
        String id = FacesUtils.getRequestParameter("id");

        //personService contains the business logic
        List<Image> images = personService.getImagesForPerson(id);

        //CONTINUE: What should I do now with these images?

    //Various stuff here


I want to display a couple of images in a JSF view. You see above a code snipped that shows how I load the images. I want to display them with the PrimeFaces p:graphicImage component.

My question is how to access these images from the view.

  • I could create a property images in my PersonOverviewController where I put the images. This won't work if the controller is view scoped! But is it a good idea to put the whole controller in the session scope?

  • I could put the images in a session scope variable and access them via a separate (session or application scoped) controller.

I prefer the second approach. But I'd like to remove the images from session scope when the user navigates to another page. How can I do that? My idea was to add a @PreDestroy method to the PersonOverviewController. But that won't work. See here:

How would you solve this problem?

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"This won't work if the controller is view scoped!" Why doesn't it work? – Nikita Beloglazov Apr 11 '12 at 11:09
The PrimeFaces User's Guide says: "Please note that you cannot use viewscope beans as viewscoped bean is not available in resource loading request." I cannot explain you what the concrete problem is... But I tried it and it didn't work ;-) – Sebi Apr 11 '12 at 11:34

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