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We have a small REST project with spring webmvc and jackson. The context is configured via javaconfig with annotations.

We use the @EnableWebMvc Annotation with jackson present in the classpath and let spring do it's autoconfiguration magic to provide proper un-/marshalling of json.

The default config also includes null fields when marshalling. This leads to unnecessary big results for sparse objects, so we'd like to get rid of it.

We have found out that the serialization options of the object mapper should be the way to solve this, but this makes it necessary to initialize the whole un-/marshalling on our own and we can't benefit from spring doing its magic.

We tried to get the ObjectMapper or for example the MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter as dependency and configure it in PostConstruct phase. But these are not made accessible as beans in the default config.

Does someone have a clue how we can access something along the path without ending up to wire the json de-/serialization on our own?

EDIT: Currently we have a base class in the model which is annotated. Still an ugly hack to introduce a common base class just for proper serialization...

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